Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dropping Slowly

Second thought, third thought.. I'm not sure what should I update here. Been around a lot blogs lately, and I realized, I enjoyed reading people's blog, and that I enjoyed updating my own blog too. I want to post pictures, except that, I haven't been taking a lot pictures lately. Sigh.

I think whenever I'm in a big shock or stress I will stay away from my camera. I become afraid. Which is funny, really. It should be the opposite. But when I try to overcome it, I realize another thing, I am not confident to do it. Jadi takut campur dengan tak yakin.. yeah, I stayed away.

I did however try to took few pictures when it was raining heavily last week. I just love the rain.

As you can see, tak ada banyak gambar yang I think good enough to put here. Yes, if I keep on staying away, I will lose the skill.

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