Friday, January 4, 2013

Our Very Own

Why so many talented people? Agh, I can't keep up like this! But I want moreee MOARRRR! Guys, I would like to share with you some of local talents that left impression on me. Maybe some of you might've heard of them, maybe not. But here goes;

I'm pretty sure I was youtube-ing some coffee videos when suddenly I saw the word Jay Chou and coffee in the same sentence. Interesting. Tengok video sekarang!

This video!

Gila tak excited tengok video ni? Haruslah click video lain pulak! Dan video-video lain pun tak kurang excitednya. Then aku cari blog dia, the old one, and it makes me happy and rasa macam nak unleash my creativity freely! Do check her out, some of you might've seen her doing the HP ad, for those who don't, go and check out her blog, facebook and youtube channel. And here's another one of my favorite;

Photos taken form Red's blog

Found this creative guy from Hanie Hidayah's blog. I think I've watched some of his video, but the latest one is just so so so amazing it bring tears to my eyes! 

Play cepat.

And I've been sharing it with everyone I know (the cool one, HAH!) I am no expert in videography whatsoever but this video makes me look at everything in a new aspect and it helps a lot photographically. Good reference I must say. And of course it makes me want to go to Bali too! Music dia pun best sangat sampai aku guna video ni masa stretching. Kehkehkeh. For more videos visit his website or Vimeo.

Terima Kasih kepada Rewan Ishak, aku dapat tengok antara hasil fotografi yang indah. Rewan tweeted the link to Umar's Blankets of Night and I was staring, admiring and just so lost in the images until I saw the location; Ladang Tebu Chuping, Perlis. That's one of my favorite place in Malaysia!

Screencap from his blog Please please please look at the pictures and share it with everybody you know. If you don't like the pictures, I'm judging you! 

Any local talents that capture your eyes and heart? Share it with me. I know there's a lot of them!

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