Sunday, February 3, 2013

Degree Fashion Show 2013

Confession. I feel so guilty for not going to Shah Alam to support my faculty on its Degree Show. In my defense, the timing and place is not right for me. Public holiday, no busses, and Seksyen 2 is quite hard to reach without own transportation. And for some reason the guilt continue as I choose to go to Degree Fashion Show rather than Batu Caves, even though I keep telling myself I want to go there again this year. Well, there's always next year and next year :P

Aad yang ajak pergi, and since it's on Sunday, at Publika, I said yes immediately. See Sunday is very convenient for me and Publika is like 25 minutes away with public transport. So I arrived early (YAY KTM, I for once, feels like hugging you) and Aad, together with his friends; Ranie and Amar arrived shortly after. I just love making plans with Aad. He doesn't need to repeatedly texts, calls, invite me at facebook or whatever shit. He told me about the event through private message (since he know I'm don't like to hold my phone), I said yes, the night before he texted me what time he'll arrive and the next day after I arrived, I texted him, and we met. Simple. I find that people nowadays buat plan gah nak mati, invite through social media and what not, not describing whatever the details and expect people to click 'Join' rather than really turns up. And some of my friends, after I tolerate with all those craziness, they'd just cancelled it without notifying my. Screw you!

Back to Publika, we had lunch at Big Ben's and I want to instagram/360/EyeEm it so bad, but none of them took their phone out to do so :( I can't update my social media platform. WHAT'S THE POINT OF EATING IF I CAN'T SHARE IT ON MY SOCIAL MEDIA? SO SAD. MY LIFE IS NOTHING. LOL. 

 Pinjam this image from here

And we talk, and talk, and talk, and nobody is holding their phone. And we make stupid silly jokes about hantu at Lendu. And we talk and laughed and then Fa arrived with her other half, and we continue until 2.45 pm, 15 minutes before the show start.

5 minute before 3.00 pm we arrived at White Box, and Amar actually lost her ticket, but luckily she can still enter, and we are seated and ready to be the judges watch the show.


And surprise surprise my dear friend Rita walked the show! Okay sebenarnya memang dah dua tiga kali dia involved with the shows, but I totally lupa about it. So I said 'GO RITA!' as loud as I can. 




Then something unexpected happen. Rita lose her shoes on the runway. I was shocked, and before anyone can react, she just take off both shoes and walk and work it. I was like, omg, I'm so proud of this girl I had tears in my eyes which is so drama, it's not like I brought her up ke apa kan. And because of that she received a round of applause. You go girl! Backstage, after the show, the first thing she asked me was whether I have the picture of her losing the shoes while laughing. I know she doesn't really feels good about it, but try to remain positive. I pat her back and said she did well.

 Rita, holding her shoe

It was a good show, I'm anticipating each designs and I like the vibe. I just wish they have a proper runway. Maybe next time. And after that we went for drinks and hang out. It was a good day, I appreciate the day where I am with my creative friends and be around creative environment, talking about creativity.

 Hey, we can walk too!

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